Meet + Greet Event Flyer

Print Marketing Media

The custom design for the Meet & Greet Event campaign was used to promote an in-person event introducing a new management team member to the residents of an apartment community.
In-person events are still a large part of building a community in the multifamily (apartment rentals) business. While digital and social channels are still crucial for distribution, multifamily is still very much a “belly-to-belly” or in-person vibe, and marketing must reflect that reality.

In this environment, the primary use for print marketing is flyers for in-person events — most print collateral for sales advertising has migrated to digital-only. These print flyers are posted in highly visible, high-traffic community areas, amenities, and office locations.

The design was adapted for additional content used in social media and various digital channels. We don’t post flyers on social! 🤣