“Meet & Mingle” Event Flyer + Social Media

Print Marketing Media

Social Media Design + Strategy

The custom design for the Meet & Mingle Event campaign was used to promote an in-person event introducing a new management team to the residents after a takeover for new owners.

In-person events are still a large part of building a community in the multifamily (apartment rentals) business. In particular, these events are used to foster goodwill between the management staff and residents.

This is especially true after a new ownership takeover where the staff is brand new. The team must build trust and inspire confidence in the residents to reduce turnover.

This campaign had two variations of print flyers — one to post in common areas and amenities around the community, and the other to deliver directly to resident doors.

The design was adapted for additional content used in social media and various digital channels.

Posts were designed for Instagram to swipe in a carousel format. Additionally, stories were adapted to showcase all the catered food and drink options (because why else are we going to a party, amirite!?).